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World Book Day

We are writing to let you know about World Book Day that is on the 1st of March 2018. The day is to celebrate the joy of reading. Introducing children to the magical world that books can open up for them and fire their imagination.

We at Optieye Care and specsnetwork are sponsoring the day because what could be more important for children reading than their eyes and vision. Good vision helps them to learn, play, and communicate with the world around them with confidence. Presently there are more than one million children in the UK with undetected vision problems (Eye Health Uk)

As children’s eyes continue to develop until the age of eight having regular annual eye test up to this age and then every two years thereafter, can help lay the foundation for good vision that last a lifetime.

To help celebrate reading we have launched a competition which is explained on the leaflet below. Every child should have the opportunity to read and have good vision; this day is a way to focus on this goal. Hopefully you agree and if you wish to enter or receive leaflets please drop Optieye Care an email and we will deliver however many you wish for.



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