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Why Having Regular Eye Tests is Important

Importance of Regular Eye Tests

We rely on our sight to complete even the most basic daily tasks, so it is important to take care of your eyes. Optometrists recommend having an eye examination once every two years for most adults, and more frequently for those with certain health conditions or a family history of glaucoma. Here are our top reasons why you shouldn’t put off your eye examination.

You Might Need Vision Correction The most common reason why people come to see their optometrist is for sight correction. Sometimes people book an appointment after experiencing symptoms such as headaches, blurred vision or eye fatigue, but those without any symptoms might still need vision correction. This is especially true among children; they may not be able to tell you that there is a problem, but without vision correction their development can suffer. Those who already wear glasses and contact lenses should also have regular check-ups to make sure their vision correction product is still suitable.

Detect Health Problems Early

It is an age old cliché that eyes are the window to the soul, but your eyes are a window to your general health. Examining the blood vessels at the back of your eye can identify early signs of conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and high blood pressure. It is recommended that those who already have these health problems arrange more frequent sight tests to monitor any changes or damage to their retina. If your optometrist spots anything unusual when examining the back of your retina, they will refer you to your GP or a specialist eye doctor, an ophthalmologist. The medical professional will then conduct further tests to identify whether you have diabetes, high blood pressure or glaucoma and help you treat and manage the condition.

Slow Down Further Loss of Sight

Many people only visit an optometrist when they feel there is a problem with their sight, but by this point permanent damage might have already happened. Sight tests do not just tell you if you need sight correction, their purpose is to check the health of your eyes and identify eye health issues before they get any worse. Damage to your sight can happen as a result of everyday activities such as smoking, poor diet, excessive drinking and sunlight exposure. Eye damage may not always produce symptoms, and if it is not caught early it could lead to permanent sight loss. Having a regular eye examination helps to identify the initial signs of damage, and slows down the rate of sight loss.

Being able to see clearly does not necessarily mean that your eyes are completely healthy. Having an eye examination with a qualified optometrist at least every two years can ensure that any vision problems are identified and treated early, before they put your sight at risk. At all of our three Manchester branches we have friendly optometrists, a range of health screening services and stylish designer frames, so don’t hesitate to book your appointment.

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