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Why Has Eye Health Care Become an Integral Part of Your Wellbeing Program?

Importance of Eye Health Care

Eye health care plays a huge role in yours and your family’s wellbeing!

Due to modern computer and laser technology, it is now possible to detect many diseases through eye examination by trained eye professionals e.g. diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma to name just a few. Tests can also unearth indications of other health conditions for example Multiple Sclerosis. It is now accepted that professional regular eye tests form an important and beneficial source of early diagnoses for many conditions.

A person’s eyes have now been recognised as the window to their body’s wellbeing. Eye examination is not just for simply prescribing glasses. Professional, regular eye tests not only check on whether a person’s vision needs correcting, but are now accepted as a vital diagnostic tool, that can help with early detection of a range of health conditions.

Unfortunately eye tests have not formed a part of many people’s regular wellbeing programs. It is usually only when their eye sight fails them in some way they go along for a test. It is now recognised and NHS recommended that everyone should have an eye test at least every two years. These tests will form part of a person’s early warning system against potential health conditions that can arise as well as looking after their vision.

Eye care should form part of everyone’s health care routine just like going to the dentist.

This includes children as it is never too young for your children to have an eye test, especially as they are free for children. Eye examinations are crucial for children at an early age to detect many treatable eye conditions including lazy eyes (study shows up to 4% of children have lazy eyes) and squint. Conditions such as this can lead to lifelong poor vision if untreated, having serious consequences for them in adulthood. The huge benefit to the young is that their eyes are still forming and if any problems are diagnosed they can be treated and in many cases successfully cleared up. If left to later in life the problem may well become entrenched and then can only be managed for the rest of their lives.

There are numerous other reasons for eye tests one such is the ever growing use and time everyone is looking at and using screens, be them computers or mobile phones. This use can have detrimental effects and we shall be highlighting ways to protect yourself against the onset of these conditions and how you can look after your eye health with some simple actions in later blogs.


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