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The Optieye Blog!

Welcome to Optieye Care's new blog! We'll be sharing loads of information about eye health, tips and tricks to keep them in tip top condition, as well as updates from us! (and maybe even a few cheeky discount offers!) It is an exciting time at Optieye, having recently completed a number of community outreach events (photos to follow!) at Gorton Market, where our staff have been advising and explaining the benefits and reasons for regular eye sight tests as well as other enhanced services. We had a fantastic response from the local community, and our now looking at running more sessions to promote the importance of good eye health in schools and local businesses in our area. If you're a local business owner, teacher or just a bit curious, send us an email at and we'll send you a free information pack! That's all for our inaugural blog post, but stay tuned for loads more great articles and insights from the Optieye Care team!

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