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Eye Health Day for Salford City Council – 17th October

Optieye Care is working with the Salford City Council to help with the Council’s wellbeing initiative. The council aims to create a healthy workforce and a healthy work environment. Optieye Care is delivering eye health for the Council staff and importantly for the Council staff’s families.

Working towards the aim of the wellbeing initiative the Council and Optieye Care held an Eye Health Day on the 17th of October. Optieye Care set up an eye testing site in the council’s offices delivering professional eye tests onsite for the council staff.

It was a successful day with everyone receiving one to one professional service eye tests with a highly qualified optometrist. The follow on benefit for the staff is through Optieye Care they receive 20% discount on any and all services they might need for example in choosing stylish frames for their glasses. Below are a few of the beneficial outcomes from the day:

On attendee had concerns regarding glaucoma and happily through the testing we were able to carry out she received the good news that she had nothing to be concerned about.

In the modern working world a number of staff utilise vdu’s and other screen equipment and during the tests this is taken into account, and one attendee was prescription fell under this condition and as such came under the DSE regulations. Most utilise VDU’s and had experienced dry eyes and on the day Optieye Care supplied everyone a free eye drops to combat this condition.

We look forward to running further onsite Eye Health Days in the future and welcoming both the staff and their families to our practices as when we can be of service. Eye health can be an indicator of other conditions and we will be addressing these and other areas of eye health such as at what age should a child have a test and the advantages of such in future blogs.


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